About QOD

The Queen of Dragons (“QOD” ) has been actively paving the way in Northern California for 5 years toward the regulated Cannabis market. Holding licenses for retail, distribution, cultivation, and delivery service throughout the City of Shasta Lake, QOD has utilized vertical integration to keep up with the
everchanging cannabis market and has successfully bridged the gap between the unregulated market and the regulated legal market by creating an environment for safe, accessible, compliant cannabis products.

Driven on volume and access and by remaining active in our community, QOD has kept our supply chain stocked with reasonably priced, safe, cannabis products. 65% of the core products distributed through retail sales and delivery are sourced through Queen of Dragons verticals and distribution license directly. By providing our staff with competitive wages, QOD has maintained a low turnover rate and upheld good morale in our workplace. Based on our progress thus far, QOD is confident that we will be both extremely significant and successful in expanding our efforts throughout larger parts of California while simultaneously, increasing revenue and creating job opportunities for local communities.

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